CCPA Information or Deletion Request

Are you requesting on Behalf of:
If someone else, please atttach the document (such as a Power of Attorney) which authorizes you to request on their behalf.
Is current state of residence California?
Current Online Banking Customer?
Would you like to submit your request through your online banking account?
If yes, please access you online banking account by going to Renasant Online Banking. Submit a message throught the online banking account message/inbox describing your request for information or deletion under the CCPA.
Type Request
To help us verify your identity please enter the information for an account you currently have with us (examples: checking account or loan account).
Last 6 digits of SSN
Branch where the account was opened
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By clicking submit, I am making a request for disclosure of specific pieces of personal information or deletion of information under the CCPA. By clicking below I certify and declare I am the consumer to whom the information relates, am the requestor whose personal information is the subject of the request, and I make this certification and declaration under penalty of perjury.
This request is only available to current residents of California.